Heather + Joel | Muir Beach + Muir Woods Engagement

Salty ocean air, the sound of seagulls, & finally nailing the dirty dancing pose. This shoot was SO beyond dreamyyy!!! Between a nearly perfect location, and these two super models, this shoot was just perfect.

Heather + Joel are both front line workers, Heather being a nurse, and Joel a firefighter. After a trying year of COVID, and an extremely intense California wildfire season, these two needed a relaxing day at the beach. It was so cool to learn that Joel had grown up spending time at Mt Tam, and Muir Beach, so the location became even that much more special!

After the beach it was time to hit Muir Woods – not to spoil it but Heather brought this amazzzzinggg emerald green velvet dress which was too perfect for a redwoods backdrop for me to pass up. My little photographer heart just about exploded every minute of this shoot.

This is in my top 5 favorite shoots of all time – between how amazing Heather + Joel are, the amazing weather we had all day, getting to shoot in some of my all time favorite locations – I wish I could bottle the feeling I had this day and the inspiration buzzing through me because it was one of those days you never wanted to end.