Megan + Xander’s Wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan + Xander through the one and only, Ali Boundy – Ali is one of the best photographers in Reno-Tahoe and beyond and one of the best humans overall – she asked me to second shoot their wedding late 2021 and I am always down to second shoot for her. I wind up with the best stories when I tag along with her, like the time we stayed up till like 5AM chatting with The Joyners in an AirBnB after a wedding one night – or that time I accidentally dropped my phone *nearly* to it’s death (keep reading for the full story on that) – or when she conquered her fear of sketchy wooden bridges.

Anyways. back to Megan + Xander – these two are witty, caring, adaptable and so much more. We had a pretty hefty covering of smoke the day of their wedding, but the smoke broke for these perfectly muted mid-afternoon first look photos.

They shared their vows in front of the lake at White Wolf Tahoe with their closest friends and family surrounding them and then shared a few private moments together in the canoe on the lake (thankfully it’s not huge, so if your rowing skills are a little rusty there are plenty of ways back out).

So funny story – with where I was standing from that last shot, I had to walk back across this bridge thing (if you even want to call it that – it was MAYBE 14″ wide, with a wire going across between the lake and a drop off into granite on the other side). I’m trying like hell not to fall into the lake, and *thud* my phone falls out of my pocket, into the granite abyss. Thankfully I was able to grab it unscathed – both the phone and myself, by a stoke of whatever god you choose to believe in – but Ali got it all on video because there’s really no way to climb into a granite abyss without looking like an asshole.

After the canoe ride, we sat down for some dinner, got to hear the vows their friends and family had for them and then it was time to head up the ridge with Troy (the owner of White Wolf) – and I’ve got to say, Troy is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met – he’s got some stories about the property that are unimaginable and he’s the kindest host. Troy took us up to a few different spots that overlooked the ridge line across from us and made us feel like they were on top of the world.